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  • As we prepare for Hurrican Ian here are some things that may come in handy to help you be as prepared as possible. Organize Important Documents: Make a list of important documents you may want to protect. Keep them available and in waterproof containers should an evacuation be ordered. Pets are Family Too: Keep your pet(s) records current and have copies to take with you. Plan for pets needs as well. Items that you may need: Carrier or Kennel, food and water, leases and / or muzzles and toys. If your dog seems stressed remember that sometimes it is better to keep them in their carrier or kennel it can give them a sense of security. Also, if evacuation would be necessary, you will not have to find them hiding somewhere, helping to save time. Also remember not all places are pet friendly so make sure to check on that if you are deciding to make arrangements to stay somewhere. Prepare your home. Bring in all items from your yard that can become flying debris, this may include lawn furniture, grills, potted plants, decorations, etc... No electricity- When we experience high winds combined with heavy rainfall there is a good chance power lines may be damaged and electrical service may be disrupted. The length of the outage depends on the severity and the duration of the storm and the availability of repair crews. No water - your water comes from the municipality, pumps rely on electricity to deliver water. So you may want to fill a tub with water, just in case you need it for flushing toilets. Stores and Gas stations will likely be closed so make sure to get what you may need prior to the storm. Good things to have on hand - flashlights, extra batteries, food that does not need to be refrigerated or cooked, water containers, make sure your medications are up-to-date. In the case of cell phones, make sure they are charged and only use them sparingly so you have a form of communication if the power goes out. Monitor your news. For us here in Chatham County you can go to: Hurricane Ian 2022 | Bryan County ( for the latest information and news on what to do next. At this point, we are under a Hurrican watch for Savannah. Our office may be closed on Thursday and Friday in preparation for the storm. If you have any emergencies, please remember that we will not be able to get to your issue right away, however you can the emergency maintenanace line 1-877-467-8935. Thank you and be safe! Thank you, Preserve at Chatham Parkway 1325 Chatham Parkway Savannah, GA 31405 (912) 349-2831 [email protected] (0 comments) Preserve Manager  |  September 28, 2022

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